Keep your ads on top drive more customers to your business

How It Works?

  • How does Kijiji Driver maximize my business online exposure?

  • Kijiji Driver automatically checks your ads positions and reposts them when they come down a bit in Kijiji front pages, thus, your ads will be constantly in best positions in Kijiji to receive most clicks (old ads will be deleted as well when needed). Meanwhile, well-timed ads not only receive most traffic in Kijiji, but also appears on top in Google search results.

    Kijiji Driver comes with over 10 different ad posting strategies and patterns, scheduled posting, interval posting, position posting, random posting, rush hour posting, massive posting, partitioned posting, e.g. All those postings methods can be combined and easily customized to users' specific needs.

  • Is Kijiji Driver free? How much does it cost?

  • Light use of the software is free of charge. Kijiji Driver is a non profit project designed for small business owners or Kijiji professionals to improve their sales with minimal advertising budget, there is a cost for regular commercial use and the price varies depending on ads and users' preferred posting strategies. We offer flexible options to meet different budgets, please contact us for detail.

    Kijiji Driver is the best Kijiji auto ad poster on the market, but not the cheapest. If you are looking for a cheap posting solution, you may try something else. If you want a simple, fully functional, hassle free and solid tool to keep your ads up and running anywhere any time, try Kijiji Driver, you get what you pay for.

    We are a registered federal corporation, we collect GST/HST Canada-wide. We take eTransfer, PayPal and Credit Cards, invoice/receipt with tax number is available upon request.

  • Can I post with multiple Kijiji accounts using Kijiji Driver?

  • Yes you can. You can also manage all those accounts and reply to customers' inquiries from all accounts at one place within Kijiji Driver.

  • Can I use Kijiji Driver outside Canada? Do I need VPN?

  • Yes you can, Kijiji Driver works anywhere in the world without VPN.

  • My Kijiji accounts are banned, can I use Kijiji Driver?

  • Yes you can, you don't even need an account to use Kijiji Driver.

  • Is there 25 posting daily cap with Kijiji Driver?

  • No limit no cap using Kijiji Driver, posting unlimited times.

  • How do I know the software is safe, no malware or virus?

  • Kijiji Driver is proprietary, non commercial software designed for small business owners or Kijiji professionals. The software is legitimate, licensed and protected by Canadian Intellectual Property Law. The software is clean and safe, below are some options though if you do have any security concerns.

    • Launch the software in a spare PC that you are not using for data sensitive operations such as online banking, tax return, or
    • Launch the software in a Virtual Machine, or
    • Host your ads in our dedicated servers so that you don't need anything in your end, while you still have full control over your ads.