About the System & Ad Posting Service

Keep your ads on top, drive more customers to your business

Why Kijiji Driver?

Simple, Easy and Robust

Look at other posting software, how complicated and difficult are they to use? How often are your ads down or messed up?

Kijiji Driver is a totally different, unparalleled and highly efficient posting solution that everyone can start running Top Ads with it in two minutes. It is such a tinny (only 1.5MB in size, see Comparison below) and straightforward software that doesn't need any setup or configuration, just simply login your Kijiji accounts than you are ready to go. Kijiji Driver works in all categories and cities on Kijiji and automatically catches up with Kijiji upgrade so that your ads will never be down.

Kijiji Driver is the best Kijiji auto ad poster on the market, but not the cheapest. If you are looking for a cheap posting solution, you may try something else. If you want a simple, fully functional, hassle free and solid tool to keep your ads up and running anywhere anytime, try Kijiji Driver, you get what you pay for.

No Browser No Kijiji Ban

Kijiji Driver is not like any other solutions using web browsers to post ads, Kijiji Driver talks to Kijiji servers directly instead, completely browser free, which makes Kijiji Driver fast, high performance and 100% safe to post ads without being banned.

Worldwide, VPN Free

No matter where you are (in or out Canada) and what you are posting, Kijiji Driver simply keeps your ads up and running in Kijiji 24/7, you never need a VPN, the system works worldwide on its own.

Multiple Accounts Support

Often time users have ads in different Kijiji accounts for various reasons, Kijiji Driver takes care of all users accounts with one single instance at the same time. And users can reply to all customers' inquiries from all accounts with Kijiji Driver.

Multiple and Flexible Posting Strategies and Patterns

Kijiji Driver provides more than 10 posting strategies and patterns, and can be easily tailored to meet users' specific requirements.

PC vs Server

With Kijiji Driver, users can run their ads either in their own PCs or leave the ads in our dedicated servers so that they won't need anything on their end. Users have full control over their ads either way.

Ad Posting Service

You may also leave your entire Kijiji advertising campaign to us, we provide complete professional ad posting service includes but not limited to creation of the ads, content review, optimization and update, keywords, tags, images, postal code marketing analysis, Kijiji accounts management, flexible and dynamic posting schedules, SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Instant Support

Kijiji Driver provides 24/7 instant technical support for registered users either by phone, text message or email.

Dare to Compare

Comparison Kijiji Driver Other Software
Program Package Size 1.5MB Over 200MB
Number of Files 5 Over 1000
Hardware Requirements Low, any hardware or VMware High end hardware
Software Requirements Any OS, no other software required Windows only (7 and above), .Net Framework and third party software required
Performance High performance, no impact on day-to-day use of the computer Low performance, significant impact on day-to-day use of the computer, dedicated computer required
Setup/Installation Not Required Required and complicated
Usability Extremely Easy Difficult
User Interaction Not required, completely automatic Yes, required often
Browser Dependency No Yes (Chrome)
Third Party Components No Yes
Avg. Top Ads Time 50% 8%
Avg. Ads in Upper Potion of Front Pages 90% 20%
Avg. System Uptime 98% 60%
Avg. System Downtime 2% Over 50%
Posting Limit Unlimited Several times a day
Posting Patterns Flexible, automatic Fixed, manual
Hosting Option Yes No
VPN/Proxy Not Required Required
International Capability Yes, works outside Canada as well No, Canada only
Free Edition Yes No
Portability Yes, works in a USB key No, have to install and run in a Windows computer

Important Notice

Kijiji Driver is not intended to spam, harass, abuse or overload any system, please be respectful and stay within the guidelines of the site you are posting to. It is your responsibility to read and follow the TOS (terms of service) of any web site or software you are using. KJDriver.com is absolutely not responsible for misuse of the software.

We are very busy with systems development and support, we don't have time to advertise the Kijiji Driver software or put it on social media. Currently most of our users come from referrals or previous users of other solutions. If you seriously want to test out the software, please contact us for a free trial.

If you are a competitor and you are losing clients because of Kijiji Driver, we are sorry Kijiji Driver beats your system, but making false complaints about Kijiji Driver won't help keeping your users. We would encourage you to spend more time on improving your own system to increase your users' overall satisfaction. We will also be glad to help if you want to learn why your ads didn't post, how to prevent Kijiji ban, how to make your system work like Kijiji Driver.