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Software Disclaimer.

Kijiji Driver software is designed primarily for small business owners or Kijiji professionals to effectively increase their sales with minimal advertising budget. The software is available to users with genuine interest in automatically and constantly running ads on Kijiji to maximize their business online exposure. Kijiji Driver is not intended to spam, harass, abuse or overload Kijiji website. Please be respectful and stay within the guidelines and posting policies of Kijiji while using the software. It is your responsibility to read and follow the TOS (terms of service) of Kijiji, is absolutely not responsible for misuse of the software. Thanks for your cooperation.

Important Notice: Please read carefully before you proceed.

1. Please download and run Kijiji Driver in a Windows computer of any kind, it takes about two minutes to complete. Please contact us if you are outside Canada or using VPN.
2. Kijiji Driver is a proprietary computer program that is not digitally signed, so you might receive FALSE virus alert or the program gets blocked by your antivirus software. Please set the antivirus software to let the program pass thru if the download failed or any error message. Feel free to contact us if there is any issue.
3. If you have any security concerns about the software, the below options will keep you safe and secure.

  • Run the software in a spare computer that is not used for sensitive data, or
  • Run the software in a Virtual Machine to isolate the program from your physical computer, or
  • Host your ads on our Dedicated Servers so that you don't need anything on your end.
  • Posting with our system accounts instead of your own Kijiji accounts, while you still have full control over your ads and are able to reply to customers' emails.