Keep Your Ads on Top 24/7, bring more Customers to Your Business

Best Kijiji Posting Software built on Advanced Browser Free Technology
Fully complies with Kijiji posting policy, No Kijiji ban, Guaranteed
Boost your Free Ads, Paid Ads and Top Ads

Kijiji ad posting service


Keep Your Ads Always On Top

Kijiji Driver is an unique, fully functional, lightweight and portable computer program that automatically post your ads and keeps them staying in upper portion of Kijiji front page, it drastically increases traffic to your ads, drives more customers to your business and saves you a lot of time and $$$.

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No Browser No Kijiji Ban

Kijiji Driver is not Chrome extension, not like browser based solutions that often get blocked by Kijiji. Kijiji Driver leverages Browser Independent technology to boost your advertising in a very unique approach, and meanwhile fully complies with Kijiji Posting Policy, so no ad will be banned with Kijiji Driver.

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No Install No Setup No Interact

Kijiji Driver runs from either a USB Key or hard drive, automatically reposts your ads and cleans stale ads on its own in autopilot mode, just start the tiny program that is running in background, no impact on day-to-day use of your computer, it can also be completely removed without leaving a trace.

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High Performance Low Cost

Ensuring users' ads highly visible in Kijiji Website and other local online media is the core and guaranteed offering of Kijiji Driver. Kijiji Driver has a large user base in GTA and has been receiving 100% customer satisfaction for its High Performance and Low Cost since its inception.

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Anywhere Anytime

You might not even need a Kijiji account to use Kijiji Driver, but you have full control of your ads, editing ads content, selecting posting mode, adjusting speed, etc., anywhere anytime. You will receive email notifications of posting status or reply customer inquiries in your own email box.

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Prompt User Support

Kijiji Driver simply increases your sales and makes your life much easier. With users' growing demands, the dedicated development team has been constantly working on system enhancement, software upgrade and provides instant support for registered users and donors.

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Straightforward, no installation or setup required, simple, easy and portable, keep your ads constantly in upper page any time


Tiny single application sits in a USB or hard drive, running in background, no impact on day to day use of your computer


Advanced technology, fully complies with Kijiji posting policy, no spam, no duplicates, no cap of 25 postings a day, no Kijiji ban


No browser or account required, works seamlessly with Kijiji, various posting strategies to meet your advertising needs

About Kijiji Driver

Kijiji Driver is a non profit community project founded by a group of Toronto based marketing and IT professionals. The goal of the project was to build a platform for small business owners or individuals to effectively improve their sales with minimal advertising budget. Unique and unparalleled Browser Free Technology employed in the system makes Kijiji Driver outstanding among all other ad posting solutions that are either prone to be banned by Kijiji or notably complicated and difficult to use. Kijiji Driver is extremely simple and easy, every one can get it up and running in a minute and keep his/her ads constantly running without a hassle. Kijiji Driver has been working seamlessly with Kijiji to power users' marketing campaigns with tremendous success and has grown a large well satisfied user base across Canada.

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Kijiji ad posting service

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